The Team at Market Wise Advantage recognise and understand the importance of having business performance metrics which go beyond the fundamentals of sales, profit and market share in a highly competitive market.

What is this all about?

Our Customer Engagement Programs help our clients to develop a clear understanding of performance as it relates to the overall business interaction as seen by their key customers across channels to market and competitors.

How do we go about it ?

  • The process captures insights from both retailers (your customers) and manufacturers (your business) perspectives, giving a full and in depth review of the relationship and a measure of effectiveness within the engagement.
  • The program supports customer engagement measures across Head office key accounts and field sales interactions at store level.

Head Office / Key Account Engagement

Field Sales Engagement

What is generated provides focus on the key imperatives for each business.

What will we deliver?

The key outcomes our Customer Engagement Programs are an action oriented process Insights package developed for each participating business.
  • Our workshops and detailed reporting and analysis assists in translating the insights to provide a clear and detailed indication of where a competitive advantage can be developed, or be protected, at a detailed level i.e. customer or channel and your competitors.
  • Our experienced team also provides the answers to the question - "So what does this mean for our business and how do we use this to drive out a competitive advantage"
  • We can then help to improve processes and up skill your team to deliver a consistent position of "First Choice" with your customers.