At Market Wise Advantage we pride ourselves on being able to provide experience from opposite sides of the desk. Our team possesses extensive retail and sales focused backgrounds. This positions us to provide you with expert capability development and the unique insight of real world challenges from both perspectives.

Connecting all the dots is often the challenge. Our broad external perspective and experience allows us to make these connections quickly and efficiently. These capability solutions, which are often built around the outputs from benchmarking studies, consider your core challenges and gaps with pragmatic, customised and cost effective solutions.

In order to develop your team we take the following four stage approach:

Stage 1 - Research

Meet a cross section of team members.

Gather information on current issues and challenges facing the team across the various channels/categories

Gain an understanding of the methods and processes currently being used

Stage 2 - Development

Develop tailored workshop materials including:

  • Training Materials
  • Facilitator guides
  • Exercises
  • Visual Aids
  • Post training on the job project work

Sign off materials with your management

Stage 3 - Conduct

Complete a series of progressive workshops so as to ensure that a digestible development journey

Facilitate group interaction ensuring full team engagement

Conduct regular reviews and summaries

Use tailored activities to reinforce learning via self-discovery

Stage 4 - Review

Meet with yourselves post workshop to review outcome

Discuss individual strengths and weaknesses of participants

Develop project work between sessions