MWA have helped us to identify, in detail, how we can can improve the way we work with our suppliers. Improving speed to market and the planning process. These are now being implemented with significant benefit. We have also seen significant benefit from our trade partners who have taken on board the feedback and we look forward to our business growing together.

The team at Market Wise Advantage have helped us to identify the changes required to improve our business with direct benefits to our bottom line and to how our team engaged with our customers. Our reward was Supplier of the Year in our largest customer!!

The Market Wise Advantage team have made a significant contribution to our business in up-skilling the team to face the ongoing challenges within the grocery sector. Taking both a pragmatic and coaching approach both Mark and Tim were able to integrate into our culture to deliver a set of meaningful outcomes.

The team at Market Wise Advantage listens to your challenges and your required outcomes and in turn provides strong advice on how to tackle these challenges front on to turn them into an effective outcome.

We worked with the Market Wise Advantage team when our sales team culture and effectiveness needed significant change and improvement. Over a 2 year period we turned our ineffective sales team into a high performing and effective team working with purpose and as one.

Lots of activities to keep it real

Tailored to our business, the consultant could have been working with us he knew us so well!

Great to work in teams on real case studies

Challenging, but fun

Best program I have ever attended - bar none

Some excellent new concepts for everyday use

Great that we could road test our ideas before getting to the customer

Good to see a presenter who understands our industry

Thanks for the tools, my job will be easier from now on

Kept us interested, lively and fun

Practical sessions I understood

Excellent, Looking forward to the next session